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“They did a great job in getting me a top notch college application resume, and everything else from the pricing to the customer service went really well, I’m happy with the job they did.”

Carl, Fargo, North Dakota

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College Application Resume Template

College Resume TemplateYes we do have a college application resume template for you to use as a guide for writing your resume for college applications. While there is no one correct college admission resume template, at College Application Resume we do follow a template when we write resumes for students to submit with their applications for college. By utilizing this resume for college application template you will know what information you definitely need to include in the document. There are seven main sections to every college admission resume template and the information you provide in each one is important for your admission to both the college and the program.


General College Application Resume Template

The college admission resume template that we have developed at CollegeApplicationResume.Net is as follows:

Objective: You should always write an objective for any resume but for a college application resume it is a very brief introduction of yourself to the admissions committee.

1. Academic Information

This is a standard part of a resume template for college application. Here you provide your name and address, the name of your high school and the graduation date as well as your GPA and the results of SAT or other standardized tests you passed for college admission. Your grades will help to determine whether or not you are eligible for any scholarships.

2. Work experience

All work has value for resume templates for college applications. However, you may not have held a part time job when you were in high school, but this won’t be detrimental to your application, If you did have a job provide the name of the employer, the dates you worked and the type of job you performed. If you did have a level of responsibility make sure you highlight this for your college application resume template.

3. Volunteer activities

Admissions officials like to see details of volunteering or community related activities and for this reason we make sure that we have a place for it on the college admission resume template we use at CollegeApplicationResume.Net. We make sure that we highlight all instances of this activity to your advantage when you hire us to write your resume for you.

4. Interests and hobbies

What other interests and hobbies do you have both inside and outside of school? This information is also essential on a resume template for college application because it helps to determine how well suited you are for the various activities and opportunities that are available at the college.

5. Membership in clubs and organizations

Leadership abilities should be displayed in all resume templates for college applications. The information you provide gives the readers information about your leadership skills and potential for becoming a leader in college.

6. Awards and Achievements

If you have received any awards or made major accomplishments, this is the section of the college application resume template where they should be included. Take care not to appear as if you are boasting. Just present the facts in a clear and concise manner.

7. Strengths and Weaknesses

Give a personal touch to the college admission resume template by adding information about other skills or talents that you have, providing details of difficulties you have overcome or information about any weaknesses you feel that you need to improve upon.

At CollegeApplicationResume.Net we know that you can place these sections of the resume template for college application. No two resume templates for college applications are the same when they are completed because of the clients and the differences in the courses and colleges to which they are applying.

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