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“They did a great job in getting me a top notch college application resume, and everything else from the pricing to the customer service went really well, I’m happy with the job they did.”

Carl, Fargo, North Dakota

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How to Write a Professional College Application Resume

When students sit down to write a college application resume they are often confused as to what information they should include in such a document that will have an impact on whether or not they are admitted into the college of their choice. At CollegeApplicationResume.Net we make it easy for you to write a resume for college applications. We have a resume template for college applications that includes the sections of a professional college application resume format. By following this format you will have a list of all the important aspects of your academic life, your extracurricular activities and your accomplishments to include in your college application resume.

Seven Sections of a College Application Resume

The resume template for college applications that we use at CollegeApplicationResume.Net has seven important sections. By following this template and listing the information about you for each section you will have everything you need to start putting your college application resume together. This is the information that we need in order to write the college application resumes and you can easily upload it when you place your order for one of our writers to complete the resume. College application essay writing must be correct in every way so that the admissions officials will see that you are serious about your post-secondary education.

The Sections of a College Application Resume Format Are:

  1. Academics – the name of your high school, the date you graduated, your test scores and the grade point average you achieved in your high school courses.
  2. Work experience – include the names of the employers and the dates worked on your college application resume.
  3. Volunteer activities – including this information on college application resumes shows that you are a community minded individual
  4. Interests and hobbies – this information will help you with details when it comes to writing an essay along with your resume for college applications.
  5. Awards you have received – don’t stress if you don’t have any to add. You can just omit this section of the resume template for college application.
  6. Memberships – list any clubs or organizations of which you were a member both inside and outside of high school.
  7. Strength/Weaknesses – list your personal qualities and characteristics in this final section of the resume. College application reviewers will want to know more about who you are as a person when they read this.

Don’t Dismiss Information as Being Irrelevant for a College Application Resume

Think about all your activities and experience when you start listing information that you need to include in your resume for college applications. At CollegeApplicationResume.Net we know the importance of including minute details. Just because you want to study to become a teacher doesn’t mean that your work experience at a pet store is not valuable information for a resume. College application admissions see this as being an indication that you are a hard worker.

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